Alexander Manta, Germany

Alexander, who has a degree in Cybernetics and Statistics and a PhD in Reliability Engineering, has 25 years of experience in establishing and running data processing and data analysis groups in pharmaceutical industry, with a strong emphasis on machine learning and AI.

As former head of the scientific-technical informatics group in Boehringer Mannheim, later of the informatics group in Pharma Research Roche in Penzberg, he got a very early opportunity to introduce advanced data analysis techniques, machine learning and AI methods in the processing of laboratory and preclinical data.

Neural Networks, Logic Programming, Bayesian Networks, Random Matrix Theory, Topological Data Analysis are just some of the approaches successfully employed to derive knowledge from data and make them actionable. Tools customized to the needs of pharmaceutical research were developed in cooperation with universities the Oxford and Harvard, Alexander being one of the pioneers and promoters of research cooperations with academia in Roche Pharma Research.