Harald Schmidt, The Netherlands

With a double degree in Medicine and Pharmacy, Harald Schmidt has a passion for drug discovery and systems medicine, i.e. using big data, innovative target validation and rapid repurposing of registered drugs for new clinical applications. As an ERC Advanced Investigator he performs high risk/high potential benefit research in areas of major medical need, such as another ERC funded a proof-of-concept grant to develop and commercialise a first-in-class neuro-protective therapy in stroke. He chairs the COST action OpenMultiMed contributing to the Big Data-based evolution of Medicine and coordinates the H2020 project REPO-TRIAL. His multi-national research experience in Germany, USA, Australia and the Netherlands, in Academia and Industry, has led to high impact publications (Hirsch 83) with high socio-economic relevance such as patents, biotech spin-offs and patient benefit.