Thierry Colin, France

After several internships at Argonne National Laboratory in Chicago, Thierry Colin defended his PhD in Paris in Applied Mathematics. He then moved to Bordeaux, where he became a University Professor. He established a research team at INRIA Bordeaux working on Mathematical Modelling in oncology in collaboration with the university hospital and with the Institut Bergonié, one of the leading institutions in France in the fight against cancer. The team has produced innovative methods which allow us to make accurate predictions on tumor growth and enable us to track and how patients respond to treatment, using medical imaging and genomic data. During this time Dr. Colin oversaw the research of 25 PhD students. Furthermore, he authored more than 150 scientific papers and was invited by professors from more than 25 university around the world. 

He joined SOPHiA GENETICS in 2018 in order to develop Radiomics applications and coupling them with genomics in order to develop more comprehensive solutions for Data-Driven Medicine.