Workshop: Liquid Biopsy Beyond Cancer

Tuesday, 16 October


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Workshop aims: While liquid biopsy in oncology is a fast-emerging substitute for conventional tumor biopsies, the medical need for non-invasive sampling and testing methods in other disease areas remains largely unnoted. This workshop aims to bring together people who are passionate about the opportunities of liquid biopsies beyond cancer to find answers to the following questions:
  • What diseases are likely to benefit from a liquid biopsy approach e.g. due to poor accuracy or invasiveness of the standard-of-care?
  • Where -outside oncology- could liquid biopsy significantly enhance clinical utility or enable new applications e.g. due to capturing the spatial and temporal heterogeneity of the extracted bio-sample?
  • What must happen to realize new liquid biopsy businesses outside oncology e.g. what technology platforms, biomarkers etc. must be considered? 
The results of the workshop are supposed to spark new opportunities in disease detection and monitoring and thus enable precision medicine beyond cancer.

Attendance available to PMBC2018 registered participants. Full registration required.